Our Perks

Quality preschool is one of your first investments in your children.  At Mudpies & Lullabies that today’s working family needs to get as much value for their preschool dollar as they can.  We understand.  We are hard working families too!  Our staff has stepped back and looked at what we can provide for our families that will provide a maximum benefit that will further enhance your child’s safety and academic growth.  These include:

  • Live internet cameras; so families can visit their children’s classroom by smart phone or computer.  Be a part of your child’s day even if they don’t know you are there!
  • We provide secure access facilities that include such state of the art features as biometric access and secure access door-ways.  There is nothing more important than knowing your children are as safe as they can be!
  • We provide flexible enrollment options because we know that every family beats to the different rhythms of life.
  • Our schools have active indoor and outdoor play areas.  After all, we are working  in the child fun industry.  Kids need time to be kids!
  • Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is something we take great pride in.  Early education is paramount to your child’s future success and we want our programs to be the cornerstone for your child’s future education successes.
  • We keep a low teacher to student ratio so that your child receives the attention they need in play or learning.
  • We hire the best trained teachers we can find.  Your child deserves the best care possible and loving and educated teachers make this possible.  We love our staff and your children will too!
  • We provide after school enrichment for school age children so that we can help them with their homework.
  • Our campuses have fun waterparks that help cool off hot kids on summer days.  This may not be that important to you, but ask your kiddo when you pick them up after a day at the splash park!
  • We provide nutritious snacks for growing bodies and brains.  Nutrition is vital to the education of your children and that’s why it’s of paramount important to us!
  • Our schools partner with Lunchbox Catering for a tasty and affordable hot meal option for our students.