Hi Danielle,

We wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the Meet the Teacher night. We loved how the rooms were set up and that you gave the kids something to do to get them involved too. We love all of you so much and are so thankful that you are all a part of Kinley’s life and education. She loves all of you just as much and is so excited about everything. We are continually impressed with your curriculum, staff and the way you do such a tremendous job. Thank you!

Take care,
Michelle M.

I just wanted to be sure to thank you for your wonderful facility and staff.  Grace has so enjoyed going to your school, that every day she asks if she is going to be able to go to school today (which is a far, far cry from what we experienced from her last school!).  I'm not sure who greeted us at the car this morning to take her in, but she was so wonderful and friendly to Grace, that Grace for the first time put her separation anxiety aside and willing went into the school with a smile on her face, making me feel so much better about leaving her.
I know you hear it all the time, but thank you again and your wonderful staff for being there for us!

Elaine E.

I had two kids that attended Mudpies for 2 years, my oldest now attends Kindergarten, and my youngest still attends school there.  I have been so pleased with the educational curriculum my kids have gotten while attending school at Mudpies.  I was so delighted to find out my son whom now is in Kindergarten brought home a note stating he had been placed in the "accelerated" reading program at school.  I fully give credit to Mudpies for this.  Logan was reading BEFORE kindergarten.  Of course ALL the teachers and staff are great, but I would like to give a special big hand to Logan's Pre-K teacher Ms. Veronica, she is great, and a wonderful teacher.  I strongly recommend Mudpies and Lullabies.

Stephanie M.